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Collimators for Nuclear Medicine

Design Calculator

Enter the collimator geometry (hole length, hole diameter, septa) and select the photon energy in the form below, then press the Calculate button to see the calculated collimator performance (resolution, sensitivity, septa penetration).

Hole Length (mm) Hole Diameter
Septal Thickness (mm) Energy (Isotope)
Resolution (mm @ 10cm) Sensitivity

Design calculator
L=Hole Length, H=Hole Diameter, S=Septal Thickness


Calculations are for parallel-hole collimators only. Performance of a collimator with the specified design may differ in practice to these calculated values. Sensitivity and resolution values depend on the isotope, detector spatial resolution, crystal thickness and the gap between the collimator and crystal.

Furthermore, there may be design limitations due to production limitations. As a rule of thumb the minimum hole diameter is 1.2 mm and minimum septa is 0.15 mm. There might be weight and dimensional restrictions for commercial cameras as well. Please contact us to discuss and optimize your design!

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