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Research and Development

Due to our vast knowledge and innovative work, we are continuously asked for collimator solutions. Our clients come from medical research, defense, aerospace and other commercial sectors.

Because of its shielding capacities, we work mostly with lead, but have experimented with many other materials and production methods; not only to stretch the boundaries of what is possible to produce, but also to achieve shorter lead-times and improve overall costs. We always develop prototypes with the consideration that it needs to be cost-effective during the mass production stage.

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We are able to produce collimators for:

  • Scintillation detectors
  • Semi-conductor detectors
  • Gas-filled detectors

Share your concepts with our engineers and we will advise you and hopefully help you in developing your application. Remember, we are collimator specialists, but our capacity goes from prototyping all the way to full assembly and turnkey solutions. Contact us today!

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Examples of new collimator concepts

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